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What is the water source for BCRWA?


Our water source is the Ohio River Aquifer, a sand-and-gravel geologic formation that yields over 500 gallons of water per minute.  Groundwater in the aquifer is naturally filtered and compared to surface water sources (e.g., lakes, rivers), it has consistent physical and chemical water quality.  Unfortunately, Brown County geology is made mostly of shale deposits that do not yield much of groundwater.  A well in a shale formation can yield only a few gallons per minute.  The only significant source of groundwater in Brown County is the Ohio River Aquifer.  We must protect this precious source for future generations.  BCRWA has developed a comprehensive wellhead protection plan (WHPP) and organized a wellhead protection committee.  Our wellhead protection committee is one of the most active groundwater groups in the state of Ohio.  The committee members meet to discuss the various environmental issues that could affect our community.

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