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Cecil Black (of Ripley) began observing eagles on BCRWA property in 2005 as a volunteer monitor for the Ohio Division of Wildlife


Eagles start their incubation period in mid-February and the eaglets are hatched in approximately 35 days


Both parents share incubation duties


Eagles lay 1-3 eggs per year


Newborn chicks will have white down feathers


Eaglets coloring will change to gray at 2-3 weeks


Eaglets begin "flopping" their wings at 3-4 weeks


Young eagles will fledge the nest at 12-14 weeks


The life span for an eagle is approximately 30 years


Eagles can start breeding at 3-4 years of age


Immature eagles get their white head and tail at 5-6 years of age and at this time are considered mature


Eagles at BCRWA typically do not migrate due to the abundance of food and the river not freezing


Eagles prefer fish but will eat the following: birds, moles, squirrels, rabbits, soft shelled turtles, snakes, carrion and on occasion smaller groundhogs


The wingspan of a mature eagle is 6 to 7 feet


Immature eagles will not return to their birth nest


The total number of eagles fledged from the BCRWA nesting area is 16 starting in 2005

Cecil Black can be contacted at (937) 392-1500

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