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What is my responsibility and what is BCRWAs responsibility?


BCRWA Responsibility:


BCRWA is responsible for installation, repair and maintenance of water lines and service lines to the meter, the meter well and all that is inside of the meter well, and a 4' to 6' (pigtail) service line out of the meter well up to the pigtail connection.


Customer Responsibility:


Customers are responsible for installation, repair and maintenance for the pigtail connection outside of the meter well, the service line to the house, all required fittings and all home plumbing.  Customers have an option of where the required fittings are located.  They can be in a basement/crawlspace, in the home or in an outside well next to the meter.  All that is required is that the fittings are to be placed on the service line before the first point of water use.  For a detailed drawing click the PDF link below.

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