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Why is tap water better than bottled water?




    (1). Tap water is tested daily: Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, water suppliers are required to provide an annual report on the quality of your local water and to test tap water daily. By comparison, the FDA examines bottled water only weekly, and consumers can’t get the agency’s results.


    (2). Tap water is a bargain: Bottled water costs about 500 times more than tap. If you’re into really fancy labels, up to 1,000 times more.


    (3). Tap water is a tooth saver: It has more fluoride than bottled water, which helps prevent tooth decay. (Yes, you never outgrow your need for fluoride.)


    (4). Tap water is often tasty: Some places have delicious water, but if you don’t love the flavor of yours, the solution is simple: Run your tap water through a faucet mounted filter to remove most tastes and odors. These home filters are generally inexpensive and can be purchased at most hardware stores.



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