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Do we receive any adjustment for large water usage?

  • We do offer leak adjustments to our customers. Once you have fixed the leak at your residence and have been billed for the full amount of the leak, we will cut the amount billed for water in half. For some villages we adjust the sewer automatically, and for others it would be your responsibility to contact them. Please contact us via phone or email for this adjustment.

  • Pool fill up: we do not offer any adjustment to the water for filling a pool. We do suggest that you contact our office to notify us when you are filling your pool. Our meters are read/checked monthly, and this ensures us that your high usage is due to a pool and not a leak. Villages make the decision on to adjust the sewer. It would be your responsibility to contact them to see if they offer any adjustments on sewer.

  • We do offer interest free payment plans also if needed, please let us know!

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